Neither feline or food, these magical creatures are cats on top of sushi rice. Shrouded in mystery, and rarely seen, lore suggests they have been influencing humans and bringing good luck since the beginning of time. Based on the wildly creative photography series by Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts, Sushi Cats are as intriguing as they are fun.

  • Chiikawa
  • mofusand
  • Koupen Chan
  • Sukeroku's Daily Life
  • Cute Lie Otter
  • Life with Dinosaurs
  • White Tiger & Black Tiger
  • Funassyi
  • MUSHROOM GARDEN (Osawari Tantie Nameko Saibai Kit)
  • FUCHICO ON THE CUP (Coppu no Fuchiko)
  • Nekonaughey
  • Sushicat